The World's First Fully Adaptive Bionic Hand

Do you want to know the results of our equity crowdfunding campaign?

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Do you want to know the results of our equity crowdfunding campaign?

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Adam’s Hand stands for “A Dialogic Adaptive Modular Sensitive Hand”



Adam’s Hand wants to potentiate the user providing him info gathered from his surroundings and enhancing his connection with the environment: IoT and Home Automation are actually at the user fingertips!



The sinergy between advanced mechanics and self-learning algorithm, leads the user to learn to use the device fast and easily. App/web integration for telemedicine allows for a continuous and effective user-orthopaedic interaction.



Classic industrial processes and innovative 3D printing technologies allow for a never-seen customization of the device. Adam's Hand is also designed in a modular way in order to adapt to different amputation levels: a single device to fulfill each user needs.



The sensors signals are gathered and stocked in a cloud database. Visive, audio and vibratory feedback are provided to the user: the device is no longer perceived as an unnatural mechanical appendix, but instead as an extension of the user’s own body.

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U.MANO – Arte e scienza: antica misura, nuova civiltà

U.MANO is the exhibition by Fondazione Golinelli curated by Andrea Zanotti along with Silvia Evangelisti, Carlo Fiorini and Stefano Zuffi, displayed at the Arts and Science Center Golinelli from November, 20 2019 to April, 9 2020.

For the entire duration of the event, who will visit the exhibition can interact, for the first time, with Adam’s Hand: come and learn more

Adam's Hand at the U.Mano exhibition

U.Mano exhibition is a fundamental opportunity for us to test Adam’s Hand on a huge number of users.
During the 5 months of the exhibition hosted in Fondazione Golinelli, we'll collect use data and information, in order to verify the robustness and the reliability of Adam's Hand.
The following graphic shows the real-time data coming from the exhibition installation.


Total users


Average users for day





1st (1.000 cycles) and 2nd (5.000 cycles) goals reached! Now running for 10.000 cycles!






* the cycles shown in the figure do not refer to complete opening / closing cycles, but to user-generated inputs

Discover our Beta Prototype


The innovative patent-pending mechanism on which Adam's Hand is based uses just one motor to drive all the fingers, making them automatically adapt to the grasped objects' shape and dimensions.

This way, an extremely simple control of the device can be obtained - without resorting to complex muscles co-contraction or movements combination - and to save on the prosthesis cost, obtaining also a lighter, more compact, less loud and high-autonomy device.

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Signal processing

Adam’s Hand recognizes user gestures and evaluates the strength required to actuate them by using the signals gathered through several EMG electrodes. These data are then given as input to a machine learning algorithm that is initialized through a training phase performed at the system start, in order to better adapt the device functioning to each user.

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